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The Users & Contacts page is available on the Account menu on the Voxeo Evolution Developer Portal menu bar. You can manage your account profile and specify contact information for the primary and secondary account user who can receive alert and account notifications from the Evolution Developer Portal.

You can manage the contact entries for an account in on the Contact Manager page, or add additional contacts when you click Add Contact as shown in the following illustration.

Note: Evolution Developer Portal accounts can only have a single username and password. Multiple users of the same account must share the same log-in credentials.

By default, the primary contact in the account contains the information entered when the account was originally registered in the Evolution Developer Portal. After you add the basic personal information for yourself, you can then specify the types notifications taht are sent, and the format the notifications are sent in. Typically, an account holder should receive notifications for Account Tickets and Global Tickets as shown in the following illustration.

When the Customer Obsession Support Team needs to alert you for important changes that can impact services, such as platform or product updates, your contact information for your account should be up-to-date to is ensure that we can communicate effectively.

Next Steps

You should keep your contact information current, and regularly change your password for account security. For more information, see Evolution Developer Portal Guide > Users & Contacts.

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Voxeo Corporation is a technology company that specializes in providing development platforms for unified customer experience as self-service and unified communications using real-time communications applications. Voxeo's products are also available as a SaaS platform as cloud-based services using on-premise software in a private cloud, or hybrid clouds that combine both on-demand public-cloud and on-premise components. For more information, see Voxeo.com.


The Voxeo Customer Obsession Support Team is the Voxeo Support Team division of the the Customer Obsession Team. For more information, see the Voxeo Support Guide.

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