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The Voxeo Evolution Developer Portal Account Journal is available on the Account menu in the Evolution Developer Portal. You can view a record of any changes that are made to the user account in Account Journal, such as changes to Users & Contacts page, the Application Manager page, and telephone number mappings for your applications. When you open the Account Journal page, a list of details for the most recent changes in your account are displayed as shown in the following example.

On the rightmost side of the Account Journal page, you can use the Account Journal Calendar to view any changes to an account on a month-by-month basis or as a snapshot of recent changes as shown in the following illustration.

Next Steps

If you need additional help about specific information or events in your account journal, contact Voxeo Support. For more information, see Evolution Developer Portal Guide > Account Journal.

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Voxeo Corporation is a technology company that specializes in providing development platforms for unified customer experience as self-service and unified communications using real-time communications applications. Voxeo's products are also available as a SaaS platform as cloud-based services using on-premise software in a private cloud, or hybrid clouds that combine both on-demand public-cloud and on-premise components. For more information, see Voxeo.com.


The free Voxeo customer and developer web portal located at https://evolution.voxeo.com that provides tutorials, application development tools, developer forums, and access to our free 24-hour, around-the-clock, Customer Obsession Support Team. For more information, see the Evolution Developer Portal Documentation and Voxeo Support.

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